Milton-Freewater Senior Center Receives Grants

The Milton-Freewater Neighborhood Senior Center, received $5,000 grants from the Milton-Freewater Area Foundation and Wildhorse Foundation.  In addition, Baker Boyer Bank made a $500 donation to defray the costs of the center’s parking lot project. The funds helped pay for the resurfacing and striping of the Senior Center parking lot. Click here to read the full story.

Programs Boosted by Wildhorse Foundation Grants

Wildhorse Foundation contributes more than $62,000 to programs throughout Union, Wallowa counties.

The grants awarded in Union and Wallowa counties are part of $264,541 the Wildhorse Foundation has donated to 41 organizations in Oregon and Washington so far this year. The Wildhorse Foundation, with its latest round of donations, has now topped the $10 million mark. The foundation has made $10.4 million in contributions since it was founded in 2001.  Click here for complete story.

Healthy Families rides away with Wildhorse grant

Nearly 100 Healthy Families home visits a week will include safe rides — thanks to a grant from the Wildhorse Foundation.

The Umatilla Morrow Head Start Inc. program received $10,000 to purchase a new vehicle, which will be used to better serve high risk families and children in the area.

Click here to read full story.

Wildhorse Foundation aides local Fire Department

Recently, Pendleton Fire Chief Mike Ciraulo wrote the following on Facebook-

“I just wanted to let you know that the Thermal Imaging Cameras that the Wildhorse Foundation granted us earlier this year were a saving grace in our Christmas day fire on Main Street. Not only did they save thousands of dollars in damage to the structure (they allowed us to limit tearing open walls and limited water damage) but helped us avoid a possible disaster. It allowed our Firefighters to see the flashover conditions as they were developing and allow the Firefighters to safely retreat before they were burned or killed. Thank you SO much!”

We could not be more happy that we are able to help those that serve and protect our communities!  Thank you to the Public Safety personnel who keep us all safe throughout the year!


Libraries offer KEVA Planks

The Umatilla County Special Library District recently announced KEVA Planks are now available at all 12 public libraries in Umatilla County. The Libraries of Eastern Oregon purchased the planks with grant funds provided by the Wildhorse Foundation and the Community Outreach Committee of Cayuse Technologies.  Click here for full story!

Riverside High School puts Wildhorse Foundation Grant to Good Use

The Wildhorse Foundation helped to make a 3D Printing and CAD course possible and helped students discover and use the technology of the future. The students—and teachers—have grown tremendously from the project. The amount of college credits earned by these students alone is amazing, but knowing that this course will be available for years to come is even better. The students will begin producing prosthetic devices in the spring.  Watch the video here.